VIP Modular Wheels has over 15 years of automotive industry knowledge and experience. The engineers at VIP started product development and testing in 2004, to create one-of-a-kind wheels for world-class vehicles, with the idea of individualization and performance in mind. Custom built-to-order, ultra high quality forged, modular wheels, with absolutely zero compromise, was our pursuit.

Today, our wheels are some of the most sought after for a variety of vehicles, including all luxury sedans, GTs and exotics. Our wheels undergo a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure that we provide our customers with quality products. All our wheels exceed SAE-J2530 fatigue/rolling resistance and CASS corrosion testing standards, as well, further demonstrating our high quality standards.

If you can't find what you're looking for, VIP Modular has no problem building you a set of wheels, based on your specifications. One of the hallmarks of VIP Modular's reputation is our ability to provide custom fitments and finishes. We accomplish this through our built-to-order model that starts with your call to a VIP representative and culminates with you driving away on a new set of VIP wheels built the way you want them!

Every order is based on your requirements and personal taste. Each order that enters the production area has a production traveler, which has the name of the customer and all of the information required to complete the manufacturing process. At VIP Modular, we don't batch process or mass-produce orders; every order receives personal attention throughout the process.
Every set of wheels (in fact, every two wheels; fronts and rears) that proceed through VIP Modular's production line are different than the next, yet the same style and specifications are immediately repeatable due to our extensive database of vehicle, wheel, and fitment data. This is a unique and difficult process to follow, but it ensures the utmost in customization and service, which is what we strive to have.

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